February 2017 Meetup

With our lead organizer, Josh Leuze, out for February – Cimbura.com has offered to host the February meetup on Thursday the 23rd. We’ll discuss Gravity Flow and using Docker/XDebug/Visual Studio Code. As a bonus, Cimbura.com will be giving out coupon codes for the BrilliantPlugins.com soft launch to those in attendance. RSVP at Meetup.com.

Marty Kokes – Using Gravity Flow with Gravity Forms

Most of the time Gravity Forms functions as a one way street. A visitor submits a form and then you receive it. By using Gravity Flow it’s possible to add a variety of steps to the process to create a workflow around your form. In this talk I’ll be giving a tutorial about how to build a simple workflow processes around forms.

Marty’s Slides

You can also grab Gravity Flow off of GitHub if you’d like to try before you buy. Granted this is the bleeding edge development branch so your mileage may vary, but you can kick the tires a bit.

Gravity Flowhttps://github.com/gravityflow/gravityflow

Alex & Eric Celeste – Docker, XDebug, Visual Studio Code

We will focus on Docker (a kind of virtual machine tool), to mount local copies of WordPress sites for development. We’ll demonstrate editing a site from Visual Studio Code. Note that is not the full Visual Studio, but just the code editor from Microsoft. Also we’ll cover getting started with debugging using XDebug in VS Code. We will keep all of this incredibly brief, just showing folks what is possible, not really getting very deeply into any of it. We are excited to share this, it has been really fun to work this way and we think others might enjoy it too.

Docker handout to try it yourself.

Alex & Eric’s presentation starts at 39 minutes.