February 2018 Meeting


Livestream Archive (some portions are missing due to streaming dropouts)


We’ll be meeting at LuminFire on Thursday, February 22nd from 6:30-9pm. LuminFire is located at 5155 East River Road Suite 405, Fridley, MN 55421. Please register on meetup.com to let us know you’re coming.

We will have pizza courtesy of our sponsor, OtterBase!

This month Allyson Wehrs is giving an intro to CSS and David Ellenwood will be talking about post CSS.

Intro to CSS

Allyson Wehrs

One of our goals this year is to include topics for users of different experience levels to make the make the group more accessible to all our members. To start things off we are structuring February meeting around the topic of CSS, with an intro for users that are new to Cascading Style Sheets or haven’t written their own CSS before.

From there we will be going a little deeper into some of the evolutions of CSS, such as SASS, LESS, and PostCSS.


Video (some portions are missing due to streaming dropouts)

PostCSS @ Modern Tribe

David Ellenwood

An introduction to PostCSS and some benefits/pitfalls of migrating from Sass or Less based on our experience with CSS pre-compilers versus post compilers at Modern Tribe. A high-level review of some of the issues we’ve run into using Sass and some of the features of PostCSS that are most helpful.

Slides (coming soon)

Video (some portions are missing due to streaming dropouts)

Want to speak?

If you are interested in speaking please let us know!