July 2015 Meeting

We will be back at our regular time and location this month at The Nerdery, on Thursday, July 23rd. Social time with snacks starts at 6:30pm, the presentations start at 7pm.

We have two great presentations lined up this month.  First up, James Stuart Johnson will be talking about image optimization, followed by a talk on CSS animations by Lisa Carlock Hill.

Taming The Wild Image

Speed up your site with tips and tricks for optimizing images for WordPress. This month we’ll look at when to choose PNG, JPG, GIF or SVG. Discover ways to reduce JPG and PNG file size with minimum impact on quality and tools to help cut your images down in size.

CSS Animations

  1. What types of animation tools are available?
    • Discuss SVG animations pros/cons.
    • Introduce JQuery animations pros/cons.
    • Introduce CSS animations pros/cons.
    • Introduce HTML Canvas animations pros/cons.
  2. Why CSS Animations?
    • Introduce keyframes.
    • Animations Properties
  3. CSS animation tools
    • animate.css
    • https://twitter.com/csscreatures
    • Brief summary of Polyfills