MSP WordPress #11: Make Awesome!

For February’s MSP WordPress gathering, we will be doing something a bit different.

With your help, Gillian and I will be procuring a list of “to-do” items for  At the gathering on 2/24/2011, we will split up into groups, with each group being in charge of producing a “fix” for a specific item on the MSP website.

Some things that come to mind include:

  • Design a theme
  • Develop a theme
  • Make the group’s plugin directory awesome
  • Make the group’s theme directory awesome
  • Build functionality that gives job recruiters a place to post their openings
  • Build functionality that gives job seekers a place to post their credentials
  • Build a member directory
  • ???

Any other ideas?  If so, leave them in the comments of this post or let us know via the Google Group.

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