Summary from MSP WordPress #20

Last night at the WordPress meeting we had the Coda / Aptana Studio “face off”. Here are a few notes I took about the products during the demos. Hope they help.

Coda 1.7.5 – Demo by Tom Penney
$99 for Mac OS only
* Subversion integration for version control. Git in the next version.
* “Everything you need in one window”
* Neat feature: Invite other Coda users to collaboratively edit files.
* Only works with Safari webkit browser in the one window.

There is a WordPress plug-in available…
1. Download the packed mode file and unpack it.
2. Copy the PHP-HTML-WP.mode the Coda Modes folder. ~/Library/Application Support/Coda/Modes/
3. Open a WordPress or PHP file and load the syntax mode in Coda by visiting Text -> Syntax Mode -> PHP-HTML-WP in the toolbar.
4. Optional: To make this mode the default visit the Editor pane in the Preferences window and select the ‘PHP-HTML-WP’ mode as default file type

Aptana Studio 3 – Demo by John Havlik
* FREE, Open Source IDE based on Eclipse for Mac or Windows
* Git integration for version control githubfirst
* More web focused than Eclipse. Built for Javascript, CSS, php, and html.
* Plugins available for jQuery, WordPress, and CSS tool tips.

Guest Author:
Tim Cimbura,
Helping businesses become more effective, productive, and profitable through custom iPad/iPhone applications, FileMaker app solutions, and web site design.