We have a new website!!!

In case you didn’t notice, we have a new website!!!

Many many thanks to Barbara, Josh, John, Kiko, Nick, Alec, and, of course, me (Toby) for investing a bunch of their free time on a Friday night to make this update a reality!

Half of us were participating in this redesign session via Google Hangout, and the other half were over at WerkPress in Minneapolis. This split made it fun and entertaining, because the balance never went too far in either direction.

For the record, WerkPress also provided beer and pizza, which always helps improve code quality (Snarf snarf…).

The ability to connect remotely also allowed me the opportunity to participate from my kitchen while attending to daddy duties at the old home front. How’s that for multi-tasking?! Thankfully, most of the work was done by the others.  🙂

MSP WordPress is a group that is focused on face-to-face and eye-to-eye interactions, and the website serves as our hub to make that goal come to life.

This is the third iteration of the website. It was last redesigned in 2010.

The redesign features the “hub” concept and prominently outlines the main four ways to connect with other local WordPress enthusiasts – Twitter, Google Group, Meetup.com, and our blog (all of which will feature local happenings as they hit the calendar).

We also added an email subscription list so that you can impress your friends by knowing when all the cool WordPress events are happening around town.

See you at our next meetup soon!